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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Something scarey on the roof.

Or is it in the crawl space? Every afternoon, usually around dusk, there is a sound on the roof. It sounds as if something is pushing a round stone from one side of the ceiling to another, picking the stone up, dropping it and repeating the entire sequence.
Today, it is early, the sun is still shining but going down. The creature (which has taken on gigantic proportions by now) is scrawling (the only word to describe it) from one side of the house to another. If you run outside really fast...there is nothing to be seen
It can cross from the computer room, through the kitchen to the far side of the sitting room ceiling in about thirty seconds. The holes in the ventilation bricks oustide the house wouldn't let even a mouse in, so I am assuming it's on the roof. Anyway, it's pretty scarey. Almost as bad as the thing that used to live in the boarded- up fireplace in my bedroom in Scotland.


  1. I get something similar in the caravan in Wales. I decided it was a pigeon. The stone-dropping noise is the pigeon relieving itself.
    Either that or it's a dragon. They can make themselves invisible, you know - at any rate, no-one's ever seen one.

  2. Dragon? I think you are deliberately trying to jargogle my thoughts on the subject.

  3. Well, you know, Wales, dragons... In Catalunya could be vibria, or even bruixes... As for 'jargogle' - OK, you win.

  4. Definitely had this here in our roof & we tracked it down to little birds getting in at the eaves & then scampering about between the sloping ceilings & slates, probably gathering insulation to make a potential nest for their babies, the little rascals.
    Don't get the stone dropping though. That's scary & probably dragon-related.

  5. Anyone would think you two were related.

  6. No. Never been to Itokawa.
    But we have seen them around the cliffs near here.


  7. You mean like los peregrinos de santiago del compostela?

    Zintil the war is over. This is a large puzzle?

  8. No, was thinking more of the GSX1300R than a pilgrim's progress. And the falcons of course.
    And I am watching on TV as I type at this instant a local (BBC SW Spotlight) news item about a motorbike race in Catalonia. Ducati, not Suzuki but nevertheless pretty weird. Wasn't listening so not sure why it's on the local news.

    zintil was just my word to get here. Wonder what this one will be.

  9. Tim; me too. I just googled "kid dragon" which came up with "Hyabusa" which happens to be the name of a space station or something and Itokawa is an asteroide. Hyabusa also means peregrine falcon. The Spanish word peregrino is a pilgrim and so on nonsensical on. Ha, ha.

    Soaring: I know nothing of bikes.

  10. And the Suzuki Hayabusa or GSX1300R is a motorcycle.
    Whereas yours is of course the wrestler Nobuyoshi Nakamura.
    Enough, I think.


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