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Friday, 12 August 2011

Smoking dancers

New musical act in town on the beach. Three guitarists, two chattering dancers who avidly rolled their own cigarettes next to me as they waited their turn. Giant moon over a silver sea. Very excited small people in the audience who couldn't help but fling armfuls of sand onto the portable dance floor. So much so that one of the dancers stomped off and returned with a broom, thus ensuring clouds of sand floated up into the air and back down onto the heads of excited small people.
Very, very small, sleep-deprived child gently removed from falling onto portable spotlight. Many more small children playing tug-of -war with the cables round the back of portable dance floor.
Sleep-deprived mother found somewhere over by the bar.
And, as it happens, one of the dancers has a cousin in the province of Soria not a million miles away from the magic it happens, both dancers are renting a house in this very street...which makes the street a lot more interesting than it was yesterday.


  1. A whole lot more interesting than this silent misty street.

  2. Your street sounds quite atmospheric.


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