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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The custard is setting.

I don't see dead people...I see these guys...mostly harmless...but you never know. I would like to let them loose on the streets of London to encourage them to chase the hooded, stickfigures. How can those not yet grown assles cause such damage?
The Scots remain hidden in the glens.


  1. I ask myself the same question.

  2. A shark infested question?

  3. This is altogether too metaphysical for me, Rosie. I used very much to enjoy lumps in school custard, and of course the skin. You see the level on which my mind operates.

    Are you thinking of sending the fiery cross round?

  4. Yes, I am in charge of the Crann Tara and on my way to Elgin even though the custard is setting.


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