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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hands as soft as crepe paper....

This is one of the pictures I did for when Arty was departing this world. It was a great distraction to do these for the story of "The girl who went bing". It wasn't a commision or anything like that. One of the things I like about bloggyverse is the possibility of creating and sharing just for the sheer joy of it. And now, I will really have to do some more of them because the story turned out a lot longer than I thought it was going to be...
Cycled much further than I intended and ended up in town where the invisible wife remains stationed at the wifi spot cafe. All eye contact from her closed. She is as brown as polished chestnuts and I suddenly twig that maybe she goes to the nudie beach every day to show possible millionaires her wares? She had a steaming argument in German yesterday while on her phone. No, I am not eavesdropping. Her sitting room window is about eight feet away from my porch. And, she's a shouter. I would guess that Henry is not coming back this week either. I would also guess from the tone of her voice that Henry's house sale in Germany fell through again. He's only been missing nine months...maybe he's having a baby?

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