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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Anybody out there?

An awful lot of people in the bloggyverse are musing about existence, the universe, aliens, the meaning of life. I uploaded a version of this drawing before but now I have added to it.
I have absolutely nothing to say except I am really, really bored today and it's only ten to three. Feel free to drop by.


  1. Rosie, my tawkin' 'bout me, huh?????

    Hope my musing blogs have not contributed greatly to your boredom......but those are the risks when you follow.

    Love, Lo

  2. P.S I love your drawing and the caption !

  3. Rosie....
    What happened to the 2 comments I left this morning? They were waiting for your approval.

    I can hardly believe you rejected them.
    That is no way to encourage commenters........

    (now I can't remember what I said but I believe one said I love the caption on the picture.)

  4. HA, HA Lo. I only just found your comments. Of course I am referring to your blog and Timbobig and the last word on nothing blog. Your blog is wonderful. I really, really would love to meet you. Who knows? stranger things have happened. Thank you for the comment on the drawing.I just love the idea of an alien visiting our universe and finding it laughable. Have a good day!


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