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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Aulonocara Cloak

After yesterday's twenty four hours of torrential rain, today is bright blue and the first wild strawberry is out (I ate it). I was under the willow tree trying to video the bees and a teeny bird landed above me. I can't figure out how it didn't know I was there? Anyway, the camera persistantly will not video(it takes one 640px frame) even though all its bells and whistles are flashing. Other videos I make are with a camera that has sand in it. Anyone out there have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 ? Of course, I don't know where the manual is. Vaguely annoying because I would like to make a stop motion animation too.
Oh and the lady guitarist below real or am I imagining that?


  1. I don't know what happened to walking in Clackmannan (not unlike one of my other homes, Nairnshire, so pleasantly nostalgic, thank you) but I must tell you the psoriasis has now disappeared, perhaps through taking those Daily 3 Multivitamins Read More, but those Chinese Girls for Love or Marriage Read More are still in hot pursuit.

  2. Dollar is my hometown. Some days nostalgia wins but as for your further comments I think now you are making them up...or did I really post a virus by mistake?

  3. Not making them up, Rosie - I don't need to. Advert straps as quoted appear across some videos you post - not the music ones, so far - but they're easily got rid of by clicking on the X, so I expect it's all quite harmless. And I forgot to mention the Tormaukin (?) Hotel Read More.

    *****Maureen, thanks!

  4. Oh those adverts. I get Spanish ones. I thought I somehow had posted a virus. Computers, not my strong point.

    is where you'll find the manual download.
    I happen to have the DMC FZ50 (& its manual).
    It says problems can be resolved by resetting factory settings with Reset in the Setup menu, which on mine is the one with the spanner.

  6. Soaring and Phil: Thank you very much for sending the links.


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