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Friday, 25 February 2011

Maureen & Co.

These people have been hibernating for a while but now they are rat tat tatting at the door of my brain. Are they coming in or going out, I'm not sure but it's nice to see them. I can't get Bob's nose right.

I am listening to Women's hour. I don't know why I do this sometimes, the programme drives me nuts. I don't care about epidurals. Nor am I interested in the first woman to do anything as if it is amazing that a woman should be first at all. But it is not as bad as "Loose Women" which drives me completely mental and I cannot watch it for more than fifteen seconds. Life is better with headphones on.


  1. I like your characters! I seem to have things appearing from the end of my pen of late that haven't been around for a while! Women's hour I listen to as a podcast then I can pick and choose! Loose Women I watch for ten minutes while I eat my lunch, ten minutes is MORE then enough!xx

  2. I can't get podcasts here. The BBC block them. :(


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