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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Spot the Hare.

The South American Linkin Park group up the road have left. All the neighbours flooded out into the street yesterday as the acrid smell of "I am a house on fire and I am just about to blow up" drifted around in a huge hazy cloud. My knees started to shake with memories but it turned out to be nothing. Just another day in Spain.

Still, I was amazed that everybody on the street apparently all wear sarongs when inside. The road looked like a line of bunting.

Only the Reiki Mistress next door did not emerge until I rang her bell and asked if she was okay.
"I'll just check the roof terrace is not on fire," she says...

Alice who used to be Frank is back from her epic sailing trip. She has a hospital appointment. Last time I went with her to give some moral support as she thought it was going to be bad news. The specialist asked us which was the patient. We were in a prostate clinic. Thanks...


  1. Rosie, the details of your life in Spain....was it your neighbor's roof garden that was on fire?.....

    By the way, thanks for your kind support on my blog about my idiocy. Back atcha....I, too,jumped off a roof when I was young, but I thought the open umbrella would work as a parachute......

  2. Lo. Nobody knows. The reiki mistress hasn't been out since. The smoke vanished as quickly as it came.

    Back atcha. I got blown off Dollar hill (scotland) holding a brown and white umbrella. HA, HA.


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