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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Marjory discovers iTunes streaming radio.

Has anybody out there got an iPod?  Are  they as cool as they say they are? Is it worth getting the really expensive one? What quality is the sound with earplugs?

Above is Corel Painter4 trial version.

Henry and the invisible wife are in trouble. They have zero funds...I mean...nothing. I actually find this very upsetting and do not know what to do.  They own property in Germany but cannot afford a Ryanair ticket home...anyway they have a big dog so would have to drive. I have been instructed by more than one person to not get involved.

Jordi phoned in his annual panic at organising the timetable for all the guitar lessons. You can never tell what he is saying on the phone because he laughs so much...which is good.


  1. iPod..invention of the devil...No quality of sound with earplugs...pretty good with earphones though Rosie (o:

  2. I love my iPod, but then I'm an Apple girl, so hardly unbiased.


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