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Sunday, 30 May 2010


A new shop in town. "Butcher", it proclaims. "Halal", it offers. So, I go inside and find a paradise of spices, hanioc flour, ginger, pepper, brown sugar, yuccas (which I have never tried yet), yams, green plantain bananas, shining, lumpy courgettes, bags of couscous and bags of I haven't a clue and at the back, a meat counter.

A steady stream of people leaving this place with large green plastic bags so heavy they could hardly carry them...

Oh, and bags of blue corn. I asked the owner what to do with them but he said I should have asked the girl in the green sweater that just left because she is from South America.

It is boiling.


  1. I have half a dozen of these up the Oxford Road. Some better than others - the best is called 'Exotic Superstore' and is the size of a small Tesco, apparently with a rule 'if it ain't exotic, we don't sell it.' Cornucopia I think is the word.
    Welcome to Reading ...!

  2. That sounds terrific to me. Then the "Bargain Booze" shop in Bowness-on-Windermere should provide the rest.


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