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Monday, 6 December 2010


I have a trial version of Corel Painter 11 which is terrific but why do these programmes have to be so expensive? New year resolution....write and illustrate a children's book.

Playing on the Wii I discover my Wii age is 48...hooray. My BMI is ideal...hooray. I am five kilos overweight...BOO. For some really weird reason I cannot stand on one foot without falling over. I am quite puzzled by this. I also find it impossible to mirror image the virtual trainer who tells me to raise my right foot and left arm. This leaves me in a state of utter confusion and then I fall over. But for some reason I find this very funny. I'm lousy at ski jumping too but I am easily entertained.


  1. I want a Wii !! I'd never get anything else done though if I did so maybe that's a good thing. I'm already procrastinating on my painting as it is! xx

  2. I had a go on my sister-in-law's Wii once. I was seriously good at ten-pin bowling. Don't ask about anything else.

  3. It's better than going to a gym...

  4. Tim: I like the bowling too but I do not like jogging!


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