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Friday, 29 October 2010

Would you like a Franco sticker?

So, the conversation with the luthier went something like this...
Edith: And it's right here, no varnish, all pulled off. Jordi is frightfully sorry.

Luthier Elvis: Easy. We can replace the scratchboard with a thin veneer of wood or a sheet of plastic or completely revarnish the top part of the body.

Edith: It just came off in his hands and he was being really careful.

Luthier Elvis: We can't just revarnish the affected area. It would have to be the whole top. Somewhat more expensive but it would restore it to the original condition.

Edith: It's not as if he was tugging it off. He says if you stick anything on a guitar it dampens the sound.

Luthier Elvis:  Well, actually that's true, although in this case it's a minimum amount.

Edith: And then crrraaaarckkkk, it all just pulled away and the varnish came off.

Luthier Elvis: Or we could put on a sticker of Franco?

(Beat, two, three four)

Edith: I beg your pardon? Franco?

Luthier Elvis: Yeah, funny guy. I grew up with him. Short guy, short legs, silly moustache. Bossy fellow. You could put a sticker  of him on your guitar.

Edith: I don't think so.

Luthier Elvis:  Verneer or varnish then?

Edith:  Errmmm...

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