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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Waiting for Mermaids.

Aha, click on image whilst posting and choose size. That's how it works.

Taking Edith to the mad luthiers in the next village this afternoon. Jordi pulled off the golpeador on her guitar and all the varnish came off with it. I arrived for my class just as it has happened. Jordi on the verge of self destructing with horror, Edith, being French, insanely in control. The luthiers have their studio in the attic of a carpenter's shop. One of those Spanish set ups where nobody answers the door unless you phone first. From the outside it looks like an abandoned warehouse. These luthiers are the kind that talk to wood personally. I knew a stonemason like that once but he went mad when a painter friend took him to Barcelona and he discovered putas. He never recovered. Nor did his wife.
Anyway, I really like people that have conversations with wood and stone.


  1. My dictionary is very heavy, and gets cross with me when I ask it for words it doesn't have. So no more golpeadors please. I did know luthiers though.
    I remember a quote on a TV programme about guitars, where a luthier called Wayne Henderson, asked how he went about making a guitar, replied 'Well, you take some good wood, and then you just cut away everything that don't look like a guitar.'

  2. The golpeador is a transparent or white sheet of plastic stuck on the body of the guitar by the soundhole used for tapping fingernails so they don't mark the wood (flamenco).
    That remark by Wayne Henderson is very funny.

  3. So, something like a scratchplate in Wayne's world, I guess?

  4. Yes, I just looked it up. I didn't know what it was called in english! But wouldn't it be a Myersplate in Wayne's world?


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