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Friday, 8 October 2010

Is there a purple codex in your wardrobe?

There is a new Chinese shop in town. I came home with Egyptian cotton, a bag of marbles, some silk thread and a new doggy basket for Arthur and two boxes of threadable dice and beads. Magic!
Went food shopping with Alice who used to be Frank. Her brand new grandson is visiting this weekend. I suddenly realised the only baby I have ever held in my life was my daughter...which is quite odd when I think about it.

The group is learning the theme tune to "The Godfather". Raul, who used to be in charge of organising fiestas but now redundant, is doing the tremelo bit. I'm saddled with the melody which will be fine once I work out where all those notes are at the eleventh fret. Get me above fret seven and I'm lost. Visually, we do not really resemble a dangerous, brooding bunch of Mafiosos, except maybe Raul. He often looks broody but that's because he is a rock and roller inside.

The invisible wife next door is cracking.

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