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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tattered but not Lost Mezmo Man.

And some days I just like being downright silly. It has been foggy for weeks so I have to invent more interesting places.


  1. Is Andy still in Barcelona?
    I must try that "4gats" next time I visit.

  2. Kaz: Els Quatre Gats, Calle De Montsio 3
    (tel) 933 024 140

    Good idea to reserve.

    It's like walking into Toulouse L'Autrec land. Great atmosphere Good food and price.Two minute walk from el Corte Ingles in Plaza Cataluña.

  3. Thanks Rosie.
    We always stay in a small hotel near Plaza Cataluña. So we can just stroll home and fall over.

  4. Oh my! Will he eventually be swirled into one of those big pink cotton candies with the paper handle, only his eyes staring out, as giant mouths of children reach forward to take a bite?

  5. Kaz: Sounds like a perfect distance to stagger.

    Tattered: You beat me to it. I do envisage him inside a sweet. I'm just choosing which one...

  6. And will his mouth be so stuffed with the sweet goo that his cry for help will be muffled? And yet, somehow so satisfying when so sweet.

  7. Helpppfffffsstststphffffmmmmmmm.


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