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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Look into my eyes again...

Barcelona is very big, with very big streets, very big buildings, too many people but a great restaurant called "4gats". I ate a very big sea bass. Had a very big walk back to a very big train. There were forty thousand different ring tones in the train carriage and a lot of people telling their mobiles that they were on a train.
This morning, at an annual blood letting at the local surgery I overheard a man telling his friend that he had woken up with smoke coming out of his ears and he was very worried....


  1. Are you really in Barcelona? Or did my mosaic make you think you were there? :o)

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh...Mezmo Man. Out to avoid everything. Walking the fine line between justice and criminal. Love him!

  3. Mezmo Man...thank you for the name!

    Jessie, I was in Barcelona on Monday just for a few hours but your mosaics were everywhere:))

  4. I imagine instead of an "M" on his shirt he has an "M" on the souls of his shoes so as he walks along dusty roads he leaves the letter "M" everywhere. On regular streets he's stealth.

  5. "M" or "W" depending on what direction he is going.


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