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Saturday, 16 January 2010

I don't want to be the Fairy.

Went for a walk along the beach with Alice who used to be Frank and sure enough there's Mr Parkinson shuffling towards us with his dog Velou. Please don't mention the panic attack, I think.
"So....not on your bike then?" Meanwhile his subconcious has poked his brain and he's looking at Alice warily. Alice is wearing one of her more subtle outfits so Mr Parkinson isn't sure whether Alice is indeed an Alice or a Frank.
"You must have had a real fright then. Not cycling every day like before."
"Yes, thank you. I'm fine."
"All laid down on the wall like that. We thought you'd died."
"Yes, I know, thank you."
"Right then."
"Yes, happy new year, bye."

Going to the braincloud classes did not help at all. In fact they probably doubled my awareness of panic attacks so now everytime I go out, I think...oh, shut up. Maybe I should try acupuncture...?


  1. Seriously, acupuncture is amazing. I have a friend that's an acupuncturist and had helped me beyond belief.x

  2. Cycling would bring me out in a panic attack, I hate cycling. Anything that involves effort and my feet being off the ground....*shudders in horror*

    Accupuncture is fantastic. I'm now having a course and I've noticed a big difference pretty much straight away.


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