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Saturday, 2 January 2010


These ladies turned up again. A little late for the new year but they mean well. They are as real to me as the invisible lady next door...who is real...because she just rang the doorbell looking for the number of a man that fixes televisions. The usual man is in are all the usual people here right now.
Anyway, she's much smaller than I remembered her.
Here's a bit of music that makes me want to fall over and watch the starry sky.


  1. Sadly, M. Feuillatte was unable to attend Georgie's grand and wonderful wedding in Jersey on New Year's Eve; but we were delighted by the lavish company of Senor Freixenet (a Spanish gentleman I believe). A fuller report will appear on Timbobig in due course.

  2. Otherwise known as Champagne Charlie. I will ask a very good friend ( a Domecq) all about him to make sure he was not an imposter. Looking forward to a full report.


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