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Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Three o' clock and the pile driver at the other side of the garden starts. Dukka, dukka, dukka, dukka and so on for the next four hours or until it gets dark. I'm starting to crack. Headphones on and Sting turned up FULL.

The above is actually a fractal made in Ultrafractal 4.0. The arrows in Adobe Illustrator 2. It's driving me nuts because if I understood it all I would be able to virtually channel in images from other universes. As it is, someone stole my new Wacom tablet while winging its way from Amazon. I hope Mr Slippery fingers knows what he stole and isn't using it as a coffee mug mat.

Oh, and googlebot in Mountainview...stop crawling around my blog.


  1. It's always noisy in Spain.
    They seem to thrive on it.

  2. There's four andalucians singing about dead canaries too...


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