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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Ominous Music

Today, for ten minutes, it rained the soft, slow rain of the Scottish Highlands. It took me to Glen Coe and Arisaig and the caravan in Peter MacDonald's field on the white beach.

However the holidaymakers next door are having a horrible time with two babies who scream and scream. Hans, the plumber up the road has been hammering and drilling in there for days. I really feel sorry for them.

Oh, and be sure to watch this. It's true...honest.


  1. My neighbourse moved in next door 4 years ago and haven't stopped drilling since. The video? Where do you FIND these things!? ;)x

  2. The spirit of the Well(e)s's (HG and Orson) is obviously alive and welle (sorry) in America - except that Orson did it for real, on live network radio, and the nation genuinely panicked.
    Nowadays, how can you tell what's real and what isn't?

  3. I wonder how long it took to convince people that a spaceship had not actually landed. It show just how powerful radio can be. I love radio! Welle, Welle. It's Orson.


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