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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Queen Bee

Well, it's a bee Jim, but not as we know it. Madness descending next week. The floors are being swapped from an ancient set of tiles that look as if the designer had been inspired by a dalmatian and a Yorkshire terrier being caught in the path of a WW11 bouncing bomb...and being replaced...well...with normal tiles.

Where am I going to put the books? The guitars? Patrick is almost grey at the thought of change. And if I get all the books into boxes...where am I going to put the boxes?

Blue Peter could run for three years using the stuff in the cupboard just in this room.

I have never "had the builders in" in my life...getting wobbly here.


  1. Beautiful B! :)
    You're lucky to have come this far without the dreaded Getting In Of Builders. My advice is don't bother cleaning anything until they've packed up and gone. Completely.x

  2. Ha, ha. My place always looks like a bomb hit even after I've cleaned.


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