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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

What's he on about?

I can't think of a caption. This is done in artrage which is really a nifty piece of software and not expensive.
Henry and his invisible wife have vanished again and left a large and very impressive padlock on their gate...clearly advertising an empty house.
There's quite a few Russians in the town along the road. They buy very, very big villas and come for the summer bringing their very, very big sons with them. Unfortunately the sons are well used to their dads shooting people they don't like and have taken it upon themselves to dole out Russian justice here. One Spanish kid shot yesterday and two stabbed.
The police arrested 40 Romanians here yesterday.
The painters turned up at seven thirty this morning but disappeared a couple of hours later. Still...they have left the hose running and their brushes . They spend an awful lot of time on their mobiles.
The neighbour up the road that tosses fireworks into the street for five hours in a row got carted off by an ambulance yesterday but he's fine...just a sudden rise of blood pressure. Remember, I'm only telling you this on a need to know basis.


  1. I love all the layers and textures in this picture and the caption makes me think the figure on the left is gesturing frantically with his fingers under his chin, like he's trying to explain something?
    Builders and their bloody mobiles. Arghhhhhhhh!

  2. AAAaaargggg. They keep coming to the door to tell me what a beautiful job they are doing....and then they disappear for five hours.


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