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Thursday, 2 July 2009


I made a template of a drawing I did of birds in Artrage and it came out like this!

It's very, very, very hot outside and the two painters are shouting at each other now, and Patrick is growing incandescent by the minute because they keep ringing the bell and saying things like. "Can we have another bottle of water," or "We have just painted the eaves," or "Come and see what a great job we are doing."
Then Arthur starts barking and they pretend he is a sweet ,little doggy but Arthur is very high on instinct and bares his crooked teeth at them, snarling deep in his throat. I should point out that Arthur is barely a foot tall.

Anyway, we are taking a chilled bottle of white around to Alice who used to be Frank to escape the constant yelling outside.

Eh, Eh, Que, Que, out of my mind...

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  1. White wine with Alice...sounds good to me!


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