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Monday, 20 July 2009

Birds of Paradise

A mixture of Artrage using my own templates and Adobe Photoshop 7.0. I really recommend Artrage for the sheer joy of feeling four years old with a brand new box of paints.

I'd like to know what government department is responsible for all the news channels carrying the same story at exactly the same time in Britain. It doesn't matter if it is Sky, BBC or ITV. It can't be chance that their stories parallel each other within split seconds. And, it can't be chance either, that they show nothing except reality shows and repeats unless you take out some sort of monthly package.

In Spain they are isolating cases of swine flu. In Britain they have set up a phone line...for just England. Can you believe that...?


  1. Well, maybe that's all the news there is? You can't expect Sky not to report England's win at Lords just because the Beeb did. And if you think there's a British government department capable of orchestrating this, day in day out, you have a higher opinion of their proficiency than I do.
    But you may be right: maybe the second test didn't really happen, just like Neil and Buzz didn't really walk on the moon, and swine flu is a cover-up for some botched chemical warfare experiment in Mexico ...
    P.S. I'll be ranting about swine flu on my blog sometime later today (unless the blog police knock at the door first).
    P.P.S. We have a fan (?) on Acidplanet.

  2. A fan??????? I'll go and look.
    Yes, it probably was a biological experient and probably not botched.
    I'm afraid I don't understand cricket all and I'll be watching your swine flu rant. I think I just had it.


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