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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Henry and his Invisible Wife

These are my neighbours on the right side of the house. They have disappeared again, sort of like Timbobig's bike that lives across the road from him.
My new passport arrived this morning, delivered by a very cheery man driving a van the same size as a moving van. I cannot see why Britain chooses to charge one hundred and fifty eight pounds for such a document. The very least they could have done would be to photoshop ten years off my photo. Filling in the back page I realise with horror that I have no family in Britain anymore.
And Ryan air just bit themselves in the face. They are turning the adventure of travel into an administrative horror. They probably will start charging you for actually having the cheek to get on a plane at all...which I won't be doing from now on. Goodbye Ryanair/Unfayreair, I will not miss you.


  1. I sometimes think I'm the invisible wife. We live in a fairly snooty area and most people here like to pretend they live in a void! I won't complain though, the shops are good and I can walk into town.x

  2. What's the size of a still van as opposed to a moving one? Haha!
    Makes me think of Willie Nelson's Still is still moving to me, I like that.
    £158 for a passport? I thought they were about 70. For that money you should get a choice of any photo you like. Who would it be?

  3. Hi Jessie, I live in a vitually empty street so I'm invisible sometimes too but it can be very useful.

  4. I think a forty year old Sophia Loren photo would get me across most borders, Soaring.

  5. Excellent. And it hardly matters whether that was Sophia when she was 40 or 40 years ago when she was 34.

  6. Ha, ha. I don't care what age as long as I looked like her!


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