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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Birds in a Storm

A mixture of Ultrafractal 4.0, Photoshop and a demo version of Adobe CS3 but it's run out time now.
Spain has lousy weather today. We had a cup of coffee with Alice who used to be Frank at her place. This is all part of the helpful scheme to actually get me up and running again after wimping out on the last bike ride. Will I get to guitar class tomorrow? Come on Gods, give me a break.
I knew a lady once whose motto was "It's all for the best really". Her house caught fire three times, she divorced: Her son fathered a child at age eleven, her daughter became an addict and a television star, she had an affair with a priest (the mother not the daughter), moved to the States to stay at her daughter's house, son- in- law chucked her out and now she's living in Morrocco with her a house that has electricity only four hours a day.

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