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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Dinner Date

Having been given this idea I feel a Maureen Chlorine coming on. She's been in the cupboard for too long and it's time to get her up and running again. This is the kind of bloke that she lands up with at dinner dates. She doesn't encourage them. They just happen.


  1. I was thinking only the other day that I miss Maureen - dust her off! She may not like being woken up, mind you ... be wary, remember those horror comics from the fifties where the ventriloquist's dummy wreaks horrible vengeance on its master ... No, actually, from what I remember of her Maureen's not like that, is she?

  2. Ha, ha. She's more like the flowerpot men than the dummy...I think. She's knocking on the door so she has certainly woken up.


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