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Friday, 24 April 2009


A new discovery in my life and this is an important one...Wasabi coated peanuts!!!!!!!!! I had never even heard of wasabi but they make these peanuts here that have a crunchy coating of wasabi, chile, curry and you put just one in your mouth and nothing happens, then it suddenly starts burning and then you can't stop laughing because it feels like your tongue is going to explode, so you put in another and it's even funnier. Then you google wasabi and see half the world seems to have been eating this stuff for years.

Went to a garden centre with Alice who used to be Frank and she bought me very large, pink hydrangea and I bought some beautiful long-stemmed carnations and a pile of herbs.


  1. I don't know what wasabi is but those peanuts sound nice! I love buying herbs, makes me feel very worthy ;)

  2. oregano, basil, chocolate mint, marjoram. The peanuts are amazing, maybe they sell them in Britain? It's labelled The Snack Company Eagle, Wasabits.


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