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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Magic Rabbit

The magic in the universe...

Still blowing a gale but the cosmos seeds are showing and tons of bees this year. I didn't know until recently that Spain's main bee centre is just down the road.

I have now wimped myself into nearly a point of no return after keeling over on the beach a couple of weeks ago. Haven't been anywhere since, except the dentist. How am I going to get to England? I'm supposed to be organising a trip to Toronto too. I think I may have just stopped.

Seeing "a nice lady" on Monday to start assembling my brain back to a normal shape. How am I going to walk through the streets of that busy town?
Happy Birthday to me.


  1. Happy birthday to you! (Is it your birthday?) I hope this drawing is isn't how you feel! It's great, I love the way you do those eyes - very powerful :)

  2. The drawing of the rabbit is how I feel, ha, ha. It's my birthday on Sunday. Have a nice evening.


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