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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Sounds of Spring

The sun is out. The bulldozers are cleaning up the beaches, the bar owners are placing chairs outside and I'm off to Britain in a couple of weeks. That guarantees Virgin trains will not be running.
Here's a link to outside today.


  1. I like those white lines against the black. I'm using coloured inks today with a dip pen and making a right old mess!x

  2. All my dip pens have rusted up!

  3. Wow, your bees put mine to shame! I've had about ten so far, though there may be some duplicates. Course, there aren't many flowers here yet, though that's beginning to change. They really get going when the lavender in my front garden flowers - I reckon someone around here owes me a lot of honey.

  4. I always wonder where the beehives are and what does willow honey taste like? The fruit trees in the mountains are blossoming. Last year there were hardly any bees at all.


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