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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Knight Sleeping

There's a button in the filter gallery (Photoshop) which says "displace" and like the bottle in Alice through the looking glass (do not drink me) I click on displace from time to time just to see what it the above background is a fractal I displaced twice, ha, ha, with a drawing on top. The knight is sleeping...and, being a nitpicker...I think...what kind of knight would go to sleep with his helmet on? So, in this drawing this is a knight that drank some tea made out of some Datura Stramonium leaves because he thought it was a particularly lovely lily...but it wasn' he immediately fell into a coma...which is why he has still has his headgear on.

It's only taken me six years to figure out (from reading guitar forums) that the reason  for wonky hip is probably due to using a I have ordered a guitar support from this useful place where I also got the guitalele.


  1. I love the painting but love your explanation even more about why the knight is sleeping in his helmet. You do cheer me lots. Wonderful creativity and imagination and sense of humor.

  2. And you cheer me lots. Good deal and I wish you the best with your knee.

  3. One of these days I'm going to look for a fractal button in photoshop. And a displace button. Not that it's likely to produce such magical results as you have but might be fun.
    Hope the guitar rest is useful. I'm a believer in gadgets that reduce stress when making music.

    Glad you're back - I've been away and last time I was around you'd vanished.

  4. Its an awesome painting..well-done..Thanks a lot for sharing..

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