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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Having spent three weeks in central Spain and not once having read a newspaper, watched a television, been near a computer, listened to the radio or generally having any access to everyday was a real eye-opener to re-connect with stones and plants...and whirling vultures.
And to find a new waiter in the village. The only gay in the village at that...of which he is very proud.
The villagers are all serious millionaires now having won "El Gordo" in the not distant past. They are modest. An old pal had bought himself a brand new Safari jacket and he and his wife still live in the same tiny house when she worked as a sheperdess. But his son now has a brand new, impressive restaurant.
But the secret paths down the hillside to the Roman fountains still exist.
This village has been at the centre of all major events in my life.


  1. Is there something like the Delphic Oracle there? Or the Weird Sisters in Macbeth? Have you decided to become Queen of Scotland?

  2. Well I don't know where it is, but I'm wishing I was sitting there in a cafe on a warm summer evening instead of staring at this damnable screen.

  3. Sounds like three weeks of something close to heaven. As long as it was warm. Nice to see you back though : )


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