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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hamelin plays Hamelin - Little Nocturne


  1. Very beautiful. Much enjoyed, thank you most sincerely. Did you know about this beforehand, or did you come across it by accident? I'd like to find the score and see if I can get my fingers round it. It ought to transcribe for guitar...

    (PS Has your computer stopped playing up? Can I stop feeling guilty about it?)

  2. Happy, accidental discovery. There's other videos showing the score (lots of flats!) so it's probably easy to find. I think it would work in guitar too. I'm glad to have come across Hamelin.

    Yes, the computer stopped ringing. I had forgotten to close an article about silver surfers, ha, ha.

  3. Apparently, it was printed in this magazine in July/August 2009.

  4. Thanks, Rosie - I had a look but couldn't find the score being mostly utterly feeble at in-depth searches but I'll see what I can find on music publishers' websites after apero and supper (barbecued magrets de canard) but if you find anything else out meantime then perhaps you'd let me know?


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