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Monday, 14 February 2011

Hearty Dance

There is a white van parked outside the invisible wife's house this morning. The second time in as many weeks. It has a British registration plate. I am wondering if I should partake in the big society and tell the owner to run like hell?


  1. My current white van's still here. The previous one isn't though...
    Nice to see those shoes again.

  2. Maybe it's here now? If I see the driver Ill ask if he comes from Reading, ha,ha.

  3. Is it the same van as before? Is he White van Man (that well-known Dutchman) delivering roses, perhaps?

    Or empty body bags, little guessing who they might be for?

    Or a tenanted one?

    (Do you have lace curtains with extra twitch?)

  4. Lace curtains? Moi? Absolutely not. Wooden shutters yes. Body bags...there's a thought. Or was he dropping off the invisible wife? Was she there last night?

  5. Jump for joy, but as a lady always keep your knees together.

  6. You lead an exciting life! Such goings on would make my heart jump too!


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