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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Party season

Mia the post lady informs me that guitar classes start next week. Good. It will be nice to be in the group again although I think Raul is now running a sweetie shop in a nearby town.

The invisible wife still waits to be collected by her husband who vanished in a German Oktoberfest. She is trying to give away Fido but nobody wants a half mad, wild alsatian. It's a pity. He's actually very nice when fed and watered. She should not be allowed to have a dog.


  1. After the fifteenth one cant, I've allways found.

  2. Did you by any chance read Richard Panek's post on TLWAN re the impossibility of proving a negative? I thought so.

  3. Clearly you've a stronger head than the girl who said 'I've only had tee martoonis and I'm not as drunk as thinkle peep I am.'

    Lost in an Oktoberfest? Drowned in a butt of Münchener Hofbraü?

  4. Tim, yes I did but you probably knew already.

    Christopher, I will be using that word "thinkle".

  5. A friend of mine used to say (annoyingly often) "I know exactly where my limit is, I've just never managed to get there."

  6. I'm afraid I would have to push that kind of annoying person over...if I were impolite...which of course I'm not. But you probably know I'm here right now too.


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