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Friday, 28 January 2011

I have no idea how I made this...?

After uninstalling various demo software that had expired, I found this in hiding in a document file...which speaks loudly about my filing skills. I hope it plays at a size where you can see it. I have never tried uploading a video without using Youtube before.
Grey, dark, drizzling...but roast beef and yorkshire pudding later.


  1. Brilliant..I broke open my Wacom Tablet but it's just plastic.

  2. You're kidding? Just plastic...? No parties going on?

  3. Rosie.....this is fantastic, marvelous, gorgeous....a gazillion exquisite images.

    You must try to remember how you made it so you can do more.

  4. Lo, I've just got proper video editing software so hope to make a lot more of these.


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