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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Playing around in Ultra Fractal and suddenly the raytrace bakground emerged so  I dropped...oh never mind. Squirly font size again. Anyway...dropped it into Painter Essentials, turned it into a woodcut. Sprayed in some fish, a house,lanterns, snowflakes, cherry blossom (None of them my own drawings. It comes with the software. What is the copyright on that?) Gave it the woodcut treatment again.

Still on a quest to get to Arisaig land. The bean and her husband have offered a seat in their camper van in exchange for the guided tour of the road to the isles...however, sleeping arrangements are up to me. I came across "Sunnyside Croft" which is exactly the place where I spent happy summer holidays. It is still there! But modernised!! And virtually fully reserved already for next summer!!!! Aaaaaarrggggggggggggg.Should I get a tent?


  1. Haven't got a clue what you're talking about Rosie but the results of whatever you're doing are spectacular!

  2. Most of these types of illustration are happy accidents...but I thank you very much for such a compliment.


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