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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Partee on

Under serious gremlin attack. Having replaced all the colour cartridges in order to print a copy of my residencia the printer explodes into streams of black ink. When the green page finally printed it turned purple a few hours later.

There are actually four ladies in this little group of party makers but two have vanished when I transfered them from Adobe illustrator to Photoshop.

I ordered a nail varnish that changes colour in sunlight for Alice who used to be Frank but as you reach checkout they announce it cannot be sent overseas.

The invisible wife left her dog locked up in her house for ten hours yesterday which means I bawl with helpless rage. And, as she is invisible there is never a moment to tell her to stop treating the dog is such a horrible manner.
Apart from that everything is great. Why does christmas make me feel wimpy?


  1. I should send round an invisible RSPC inspector. Or just drop your messy cartridges through her letter box.

  2. Death to all printers. I thought it was me.

  3. If I was there, I'd be tempted to raise a posse and chain her up for a few hours. If I could find her, that is.

  4. I'll just put a hex on everything. That should sort it out.


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