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Monday, 20 December 2010

Old Haunts

Sometimes I drop into Google streetview to have a look around Rome or New York. This morning I traversed some streets of England, highly entertaining, and then found myself in Dollar, Scotland, and went on the walk to school as I did in the fifties and sixties. Once I found my childhood house my brain kicked into action. Just the outline of the Ochils, the bridge on the burnside, the hasn't changed?????? The trees are seriously bigger but it is still exactly the same. It was the oddest feeling to step back in time and follow my long invisible footsteps. The only difference being that Miss Tibbs, the cat, was not waiting on the graveyard wall for me.


  1. I spend hours revisiting the past there.

  2. It's the strangest sensation...I,m off to visit Arisaig this morning...

  3. You didn't see anyone you recognised? No one waved or smiled?

  4. Only people with blurry faces.


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