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Friday, 19 November 2010

Tartan Bird

Corel Painter11 trial version.
Did you know that bank accounts go dormant and cannot be reactivated. I am spitting fireballs at the amount of phone calls and paperwork in order to do a simple money transfer which they refuse to do because Britain has made the account dormant even though the bank is not British. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGGG. What is the point of stuff put aside for that big rainy day if you cannot access it. Spit, spit, spit.


  1. Sod the banks.....Top drawing..!

  2. So tape and bureaucrats....feh.

    Love Tartan Bird.

  3. It's nothing to do with the country. There's something wrong with your bank. More tomorrow.

  4. It makes me mad. They did the same to a friend too. She had to get the ombudsman involved.


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