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Monday, 18 October 2010

Visible dog, invisible owner....eeerk?

Dog is back howling next door. I am trapped behind the doorbell...well, actually I probably will not answer as Invisible Wife only rings the bell when she wants a). cigarettes. b).just a bottle of wine for Henry's breakfast. c). A loan to buy a Ryanair ticket.

The wind is roaring so cannot whizz off on the bike.

The first feeding of wild cat on the other side of the house went well. After three keys I got into the sunroom where cat has access to, but on leaving couldn't get the key out of sunroom door. Some sort templistic ritual required to rotate key and handle at same time. The dream team are going to try and fix it later this morning,
Eric (cat owner married to reiki master) also left me with all the keys to the pools he cleans. I remember a period of eight years where I owned one key. It was great. The animal in the illustration lived in the same village.

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