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Friday, 10 September 2010

I'm not one to complain, but....

I was looking at just now and it reminded of one of my very first attempts at drawing a cartoon. I cannot believe that this original was in the cupboard behind me...and it's twenty six years since I drew it. I really should throw things away more often. I just can't. My mother's nick name was "Squirrel" because of her constant hoarding. I used to think it was because of her life in the war and rationing but now I think it is genetic. She used to sleepwalk right into the fridge too....


  1. Hi, I just looked you up via GeraldGee - it is a good thing that you didn't throw away that drawing! You draw a little drama queen - meeting a real desaster...

  2. Hi Britta. I guess a newer version should have the driver talking on his mobile at the same time.

  3. Ha, and me reading this after your comment on my blog about my old artwork! This is brilliant; I'm so glad you didn;t throw it away - though it is tempting sometimes.


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