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Sunday, 12 September 2010


fishwife singing in the dead of night

Henry and his invisible wife next door have discovered a new set of marathon beer drinkers. This is not good.
School started a few days ago so the roads are full of assasin mothers even bigger cars and trucks, plus a plethora of new glitzy electric cars filled with dangling Elvises and fluffy fans. Why have I  never belonged anywhere?

Guitar class starts on Wednesday. Hooray.

Paco plus girlfriend and Alice who used to be Frank all turned up at the same time to say they couldn't have coffee with Patrick. I have seen them try to organise things many times before so I slunk back to the wacom tablet before they even knew I was here. I have never seen the point of coffee mornings either. Will someone please come and rescue me. Thank you.


  1. Consider yourself rescued (virtually).

  2. Hoorah...gallopity, gallopity, gallopity.


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