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Sunday, 8 August 2010

It Takes Two

Walked up in the mountains, between the almond groves and carob trees with my friend Bean. She has a year old labrador who, if a little older, would have been able to pull Roman chariots right across the province of Tarragona. Of course, I left my memory card stuck in the computer so the camera didn't work.

We narrowly escaped death several times as testosterone-fuelled Catalans hissed by in a cloud of Spandex and mountain bikes.  All of them surprisingly fat. Perhaps it was a Secret Sunday Weight Loss programme.

No news from Alice who used to be Frank. She is sailing through France but Le Flic keep stopping her.


  1. Delicious....... the words, the images and the painting.

  2. How do we get Gerald Gee to sell us both a painting? Ha HAS to be published somewhere for his cartoons and I cannot find any reference to him in the art world...he's changed his name for the internet world, I bet.

    Thanks for the comment.


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