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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Who's There?

It never ocurred to me to try needle felting. I didn't even know what is is...but then I saw this...

So, here's my first attempt. I always wondered what to do with pipe cleaners.

The village is insane with a mighty fiesta going on. Ladies in flamenco dresses smoking Marlboros. Men in pointy boots and white scarves.


  1. Pipe cleaners, flamenco dresses, Marlboros... What a bizarre environment you have Rosie.

  2. It's not me that makes it...I'm just in it. And I'm just off to see the choral singers.

  3. You've discovered Gretel! She's so talented isn't she? Her felt animals astonish me every time she finishes one. I'd never heard of it before either and it scares me to even try to do it myself, so I take my hat off to you! That is one brilliant little Spotty Dog! :) x

  4. Jessie, you have to try it. You can get all the supplies on the internet and it is great fun. Now I can turn some of my drawings into 3D...well...eventually, ha, ha. Gretel's work is wonderful and witty.


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