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Thursday, 27 May 2010


New renters up the road with three snarling dogs, white van, black windows. Beach dinghy tied to the wall of the house. You know...those sturdy black and orange things that can fit twenty or so ...people.
I suppose Henry and his invisible wife will turn up soon. Got to get to Scotland before all transport in Europe grinds to a halt.
I have two choices for music over the summer holidays but which do I choose?

or this one?

I cannot make up my mind so give me a hand...


  1. They are both the same. Is it an observation test?

  2. Ha, ha. No, I pasted the same one twice by mistake. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Oh, the first one, definitely.

    Why only two choices? Does Ryanair have a music quota?

  4. I knew you would say the first one. I was going to opt for the easier number two but I definately prefer number one. it's got to be one of these because the teacher has studied both these pieces and I'm not good enough yet to work out these pieces on my own. Anything above the fifth fret I have to stop and think!

  5. Stupid me thought you were talking about listening rather than playing, and was perplexed. Smart boy wanted!
    I've listened to them again in that light, and stick with my choice, simply because it's such a wonderful piece. I love those twelfth fret harmonics. Go for it, you have the power!

  6. I'll need the power, ha, ha but it is a haunting piece based on a cuban song. Sounds good on the trumpet too.


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