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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Swimming Pool.

Alice who used to be Frank is back from painting her new boat. She is going to sail down the French canals this summer with Holly the dog. I think this has the possibility of turning into a "Carry On" film...especially if she wears her purple, satin high heels. She's going to do a blog about it.

I was conversing with the newly sprouted green bean shoots when I heard a curious discussion coming from two of the burly workmen building a pool in the house being renovated out back. You can't help but hear because they don't talk; they shout above the machinery.
"Anyway," says one. "You know the new gym in the next village?"
"Yeah, well, they do depilation."
"They do?"
"Yeah, they got this machine, see, and it's like a laser."
"Yeah, and they put this thing on your arm see and it goes like beeeep....beeeeep."
"It does?"
"Can I come with you the next time."
"Yeah, of course. You got the tile cutter?"


  1. I love the image of Alice in purple satin high heeled shoes, a blog about that I would love to see! ;o)

  2. Pete and Dud are alive and well and living in Catalunya!

    The guys on the Katy Perry video are: David Cameron on guitar; a young Gordon Brown on bass; a Milliband, don't know which, on accordion; not sure about the drummer, must be a Lib Dem.


    And I love the frog. So charming and delightful and carefree and...a dancer of the pond.

  4. One, two, three, four, bigoty, bigoty boo, bigoty, bigoty baa.

  5. Oh you so DO write! And very well. Major thanks for your lovely comment. jx


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