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Monday, 1 March 2010


So, returning at half past ten we find an elderly gentleman fumbling with the doorbell. He is puzzled that the gate will not open. More puzzling is the fact that he thinks he is in Calle Vienna but he's not. The biggest problem being that he only speaks German. So I ring Eric's doorbell and he offers to drive the gentlman back to his house but unfortunately at one in the morning he still hadn't found out where the man lived but bumped into the Mossos Police who told Eric they couldn't help and could Eric get the man to a German Embassy? Eric says no, so the gentleman stays the night in Eric's house. The next stop being the local health centre to see if they recognise him there. I am so, so disgusted by the police attitude. Granted the Mossos are more traffic police but they could have called National Police. Why are people like that in positions of authority?


  1. Ah - the Mossos.
    I've come across them a lot.
    They like walking round and trying to look important.

  2. I'm not a big fan myself.


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