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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Blue Jersey

It is not supposed to be snowing around here but Barcelona got hit hard. The news is filled with images of people falling over because they are more used to sitting outside with a small coffee at this time of year.
I found the above lady in a cupboard today. I have managed to throw out three bags of old sketch books and half finished novels, some dating back thirty years. It's good for the heart to do this now and then.


  1. Half finished?? All I've got is first chapters.

  2. Wow you're ruthless! I say that, but I get like this sometimes and get great pleasure in throwing away things I don't want to look at any more. I've got far too many sketchbooks that need to go, maybe that can be my next job?! I'll go and see who's hiding in my cupboard! ;O)

  3. Snow in Barcelona - Yikes.
    Kev and I usually go over for some warmth at this time of year.
    Love that jumper - she'll need it.

  4. Tim, you do the first chapter and I'll do the may take thirty years or so.

  5. Kaz, it's chaos over here!

  6. Tattered,I had forgotten all about her, ha, ha.


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