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Thursday, 18 March 2010


The local school has come up with a horrific Orwellian idea of piped music pouring from the local fire/oops the nuclear has blown a fuse warning speakers. This means that every time children enter or leave schoolgrounds the entire town is subjected to truely awful cover songs of songs that were already awful in the original version. I think this is dreadful to brainwash children into thinking that this is even regarded as music. That, and the fact that the mothers are so aggressive in their driving techniques the local police have to stand guard at lunch and teatime to prevent them from running over each other in their enormous four by fours. What memories are these kids going to have?
Meanwhile, out back where they are building a monster villa with no view, there is a competition going on between the workmen from Andalucia who sing about dead things and the South American workmen who sing about their mothers. I have my headphones on.
The above done in Artrage.
Here's something pleasant to listen to.

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